IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences (TRPMS)

This journal is a unique publication related to the application of radiation sciences within the medical field. The scope of the IEEE TRPMS encompasses technology and application areas related to radiation based medical sciences. Topics correspond perfectly to the topics of the MIC and include:

  1. radiation detectors for medical and biological applications;
  2. imaging system design/ optimization/performance;
  3. therapy-related system design/optimization/performance;
  4. radiation-application-based image reconstruction, data analysis and image processing;
  5. medical radiation therapy applications;
  6. clinical/preclinical evaluation of imaging and therapy systems ;
  7. simulations for imaging and therapy applications.

The paper review process is fast and efficient, with papers appearing immediately after acceptance online in IEEE Xplore and rapidly in printed paper version.

Full peer-reviewed papers from authors presenting their work related to medical sciences at the NSS/MIC 2017 should be submitted in standard IEEE format to: